Advanced Automotive Technologies

There’s no question that advanced automotive technologies are changing the way we drive.

From the new innovations in automotive engine technology to the future vehicle gadgets coming soon, there’s a lot to learn about.

One of the most important areas to find these advanced technologies is with the safety system, but is the cost worth it?

Do Advanced Automotive Technologies in Safety Systems Justify the Cost?

Currently, it can cost owners a minimum of $1,500 just to add two advanced safety features to the purchase of their new vehicle. According to Carsgenius, many of these systems are worth the expense, considering how well they protect the lives of the occupants inside.

To help you determine what’s worth spending your money on, we will look at some of the top advanced automotive technologies included in today’s vehicles. Pick and choose the driver-assist systems that you believe are worth the cost.

1. Forward Collision Warning with Front Automatic Emergency Braking

Forward collision warning offers audible, visual, and tactile alerts that an impact is imminent if the path doesn’t change. This combines with automatic emergency braking to initiate braking to prevent the crash.

The IIHS estimates that these two systems together reduce rear-end collisions by fifty percent. In many new cars, these systems now come standard.

2. Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keeping Assist

Another one of the advanced automotive technologies that improve safety is the lane departure warning combined with lane-keeping assist. Again, this system provides an audible, visual, and tactile alarm when the vehicle crosses over lane markings. When the driver has the turn signal on, the system doesn’t give the warning.

The system can also apply some steering input if it needs to correct the path. Again, the IIHS reports a reduction in head-on crashes, sideswiping, and single-vehicle incidents as a result of this technology, even though it does not reduce insurance claim rates.

3. Blind Spot Warning

Blindspot warning alerts drivers when another vehicle is on the side of the car. Typically, it presents itself as a visual alert in the side mirror. Some systems also have an audible warning.

Not only does the IIHS report that blind spot detection reduced lane-change collisions by 14 percent, but it also lowered the rates of insurance claims of other vehicles.

4. Rear Cross-Traffic Warning With Rear Automatic Emergency Braking

Some automakers claim that this system is the rearview camera, but it goes beyond that. The more sophisticated systems include traffic alerts and automatic braking that detects both people and vehicles. It will also apply the brakes as needed.

The IIHS states that rear crash prevention systems seem to lower the crashes reported to the police, but might also prove to have inconsistent effects, based on the type of technology used.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

This might not seem like a safety feature, as much as it is more of a convenience. With the help of cameras, radar, and lasers, the vehicle can tell how close you are to others on the road. If the traffic ahead begins to slow down, the system will slow the vehicle in relation. Then, it brings the vehicle back up to speed once traffic starts moving again.

Adaptive cruise control is listed as a Level 1 on the driving automation scale. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming in the future.

What Advanced Automotive Technologies are Worth the Cost?

This is a question that only you can answer. Many automakers are including some safety technology as standard in today’s models, with the option to add-on other features. We recommend that you review the specific technology to see how effective it is. If it can reduce your chance of collision or injury, isn’t that worth the cost?

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