New Car Trends

With the rise of future automobile technology, there are a lot of new car trends that are worth owning.

However, with all these new innovations come a handful of items no one wants.

Let’s look at the top 7 car trends that need to disappear.

1. Fake Car Vents

This may not be that new, but it’s still annoying. Hood scoops and body vents that serve a purpose are cool. Plus, these functional additions increase airflow to the engine and help boost performance.

However, when you add fake car vents to a car, you ruin the entire design. Consider the previous Honda Civic R that contained fake front vents. This ruined the whole concept of having a sportier car. Thankfully, the manufacturer listened to enthusiasts and got rid of them on newer models.

Still, plenty of other models continue manufacturing the vehicle with fake vents. Of course, if you disagree, you can also purchase stick-on vents for any vehicle.

2. Fake Engine Noise

As cars become more powerful with innovative technology, there is less of that rumbling engine noise that people have come to love. So, what did manufacturers do? They created a fake engine noise.

This is one of the new car trends we could live without. Sadly, it’s not just a handful of automakers participating. Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, and other big names are all adding this fake sound.

What’s worse is when you don’t know that something is wrong with the engine, because you are listening to fake noises instead. Dump this technology, please.

3. Subscription Services

Don’t get us wrong; we are big fans of options and convenience when sitting inside the vehicle. However, some automakers are offering a long list of subscriptions – that you have to pay for!

Consider BMW as one offender. Up until last year, the company was charging owners $80 a year to use Apple CarPlay. This is the same technology that was offered for free in the basic car models on the dealer’s lot, so why should you have to pay for it?

We aren’t trying to pick on BMW, but they offer some of the most examples. For example, you can also add subscriptions for your Wi-Fi, real-time traffic, and concierge services. When all is said and done, you are going to pay another car payment just to use the technology.

Why not just increase the cost of the vehicle and include these services?

4. Faulty Safety Systems

Automakers have spent a lot of money and time working to create advanced safety systems that protect occupants. While many of these systems are exceptional and provide plenty of value, there are some that are useless.

Take the seat belt warnings, for example. If you put something heavy in your front seat, you might get an annoying alert that your “passenger” needs to wear a seatbelt. If you don’t know how to shut this off, it could become distracting.

It’s time for automakers to listen to the consumer and get rid of the technology that is unnecessary.

5. Shifter Dials

What was wrong with the standard shifter? Why do automakers feel the need to change something that works just fine?

When it comes to basic car operation, we need to leave well-enough alone. Sure, e-shifters are meant to be compact and free up space, but they aren’t working right. Most drivers didn’t look at the shifter as an eyesore that needed to be replaced.

Sadly, automakers don’t care what the consumer wants. Instead, they added these new car trends, which have made the operation more difficult and downright annoying.

6. Social Media Integration

We are all told to avoid using our phones while driving, so why would checking social media on the infotainment screen be okay? New PorscheConnect systems come with Twitter installed. This seems like a double standard and can be quite dangerous.

How about we get back to focusing on driving and avoid social media until we get to our destination?

7. Gesture Control

When did it become too difficult to push a button on the infotainment system? Now, automakers have released gesture control. Sure, taking your hands off of the wheel isn’t safe, but isn’t it worse to start shaking your hands around while driving?

Instead, stick to using the steering wheel controls that have been working. In many new vehicles, you can adjust the volume, answer calls, and more without moving your hands.

Imagine how many people will set off controls accidentally, thereby leading to even more distractions. Let’s go back to living gesture-free unless, of course, we have something to say to a bad driver.

Fan or Critic of New Car Trends?

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