Best Car News Websites

You can’t simply trust information found online, even when dealing with automobiles.

With so much “fake news” online, you want to know you are getting reputable information from the publication you choose.

That’s why we vetted these top ten best car news websites that are worth visiting every day.

1. Kelley Blue Book

While Kelly Blue Book has become the go-to source for car pricing, it can’t be overlooked as a news website as well. KBB regularly posts car rankings and a first look at the newest models.

When you are done reading the latest automotive news, it’s time to learn the market value of your vehicle. You can get estimates whether you are buying or selling. That’s why this is our top pick among the best car news websites.

2. Edmunds

Additionally, Edmunds is another site used for researching new and used cars, but it offers so much more. This publisher has been around since 1966 and now offers pricing guidelines that rival KBB. You can even use the site to find vehicles in your area.

However, new features are constantly being added to the site. With the interactive resource, you can now search out online car reviews, comparison articles, as well as keep up with the latest car news and sales.

3. AutoBlog

AutoBlog offers a variety of information, ideal for the car buyer and simple automotive enthusiast. You can find the latest data on races, car shows, and general news. Additionally, the site offers podcasts, so you can listen to the information.

What we love most about this option from the best car news websites is the virtual aspect. The company is faithful to provide test drive videos and some virtual-reality features. If you want to feel the excitement of sitting behind the driver’s seat of a particular car, you will also appreciate this aspect.

Best Car News Websites

4. Autoweek

Autoweek has been around since 1958. The publication provides a resource into the latest auto racing, vehicle trends, auto shows, and lifestyle pieces. While there is plenty of information about new cars, you won’t lack for anything related to older models either.

The company posts plenty of informative videos and detailed stories, but also offers a buyer’s guide.

5. MotorTrend

MotorTrend is another icon in the automotive news industry. It began as a magazine that started in 1949. Even with the rise of the Internet, this magazine is still in circulation.

Now, MotorTrend is a multimedia giant that focuses on web publications, podcasts, and TV. If you want access to hands-on reviews and coverage on the latest models, you will find it through this publisher.

6. CarGurus

We love CarGurus and couldn’t overlook it among the best car news websites. This site was started by one of the founders from TripAdvisor in 2006. Originally, it was meant as a community blog where users could post questions and reviews on local cars, dealerships, and shops.

Now that the site has more traffic, it offers even more. While there is an inventory of vehicles, you will also find tons of publications that offer insight into the car market.

7. The Torque Report

Since 2007, The Torque Report has offered the latest news and reviews in the automotive field. The publication also discusses the latest rumors that we all want to know about.

This group is found at all car shows and happily covers information about any manufacturer. If you want to know what’s coming next, you will find it here.

8. The Car Connection

Car experts and top-rated automotive journalists run The Car Connection. To get the reviews offered, the team takes road tests, but also listens to what the customers have to say.

In a year, you can expect more than 200 road tests. We recommend this resource if you want to learn about a new car or what to expect.

reading best car news websites

9. Top Speed

Auto enthusiasts want more than just the best car websites. It’s also imperative to find high-quality images and videos of the latest models. Top Speed offers it all.

Originally, Top Speed sought to provide information on concept cars and sports cars, but it provides an array of information now. However, there is a special focus for those of us interested in custom tuning.

10. Car and Driver

Back in 1955, Car and Driver was started as a magazine. The publication reported a circulation rate of over one million readers, which is quite impressive. Now, the company carries over everything that was loved about the magazine to the online sphere.

Car and Driver provides unbiased reviews of all makes and models. The company also performs its own road tests, which include a check on the fuel economy numbers.

Why You Need the Best Car News Websites

Whether you are looking to learn more about the cheapest new car models or you want to educate yourself about car trends, these publications stand ready to serve. However, we know that many more exist. So, tell us about your favorites.

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