Real-Life Vehicle Purchase Agreements For Study


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Consumers report that their #1 frustration with buying a car at a dealership is the process of filling out paperwork and contracts to buy or lease a car. So eliminate the anxiety by educating yourself.


frustration with vehicle purchase agreement

The first time you see any “Long Form” vehicle purchase agreement should not be when you’re all excited about signing and driving out with the car you just test-drove.  These forms are serious commitments that can affect your financial life for a decade or more.


Car Buyer Class is going to help you solve for this problem so that you sign and execute these documents with confidence through this instant-access downloadable product.


We’re including 3 Real Examples of ACTUAL completed vehicle purchase agreements.  How do you know they’re real?  Because they are the actual contracts signed by Car Buyer Class Founder, Bob Garrow, to acquire three of his vehicles.

This ZIP file includes the following PDF files:

As a Bonus in the ZIP file, we’re including 4 Other PDFs:

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