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Welcome! I'm Bob 😃


Bob Garrow from Links page

I’m a former Auto Finance and Sales Manager working on changing the way that people buy cars.  With my years of inside knowledge and experience, I’m going to give you the confidence to get the best deal whether you’re:

  • Buying or Leasing
  • New or Used
  • Cash or Finance

That’s how we started and continues to be a core part of what we do.

As we grow, it’s important though for Car Buyer Class to find new and exciting ways to add value for everyone we impact as a company.

We’re committed to not only sharing the latest news relating to the automotive industry and how it applies to you, but we’re also planning on continuing to evolve with new offerings that will aid you on your journey of vehicle ownership.

You can get started with any of our free courses on this site or on our YouTube channel.  I’m personally always here to help so get started today and follow or reach out through your favorite social platform in our links below.

All the best,

Bob Garrow

Founder & Manager – Car Buyer Class, LLC

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