Here’s the script for the “Who Works At A Car Dealership” video above:

Now that you’re almost ready to go to the dealer, it’s important to know who works at a car dealership so you’re prepared for everyone you’ll encounter.

Through the rest of this section, we’re going to go through all the people that you’re likely to meet while you’re at the dealership.  You’re going to understand their roles and how they’re compensated.

Anytime you go into a negotiation in life, it’s important that you understand who the stakeholders are so that you can get them on your side, well as much as possible anyway, and what motivates them.

who works at a car dealership

I’ve held many of the positions we’ll be discussing in my career, so you’ll understand exactly what they’re looking to accomplish.  By the time we’re done, you’re going to know who most people are just from where they sit on the showroom floor.

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