Here’s the script for the “What you will learn in Car Buyer Class” video above:

In college, you receive a syllabus when you enroll in a course so you can understand what to expect as you get started.  What you will learn in Car Buyer Class is the entire process of buying a car from a dealership, in short, manageable chunks.  Our primary focus will be on purchasing a new vehicle though the process is effectively similar for a used car, valuation, and condition are different, and we’ll point out those differences where appropriate.

We’re going to break everything down into quick segments with the entire curriculum unlocked from the beginning so that you can learn in Car Buyer Class at a pace most comfortable for you.  Obviously, I recommend that you go through each step in the sequence to get the most out of class.

In the beginning, we’re going to take you through everything you’ll need to consider before you contact the dealership.  This is a big deal, and likely a significant investment for you, so let’s not wing-it.  Let’s approach it like a professional.

Then we’re going to get you prepared for your trip to the dealer and introduce you to the entire cast of characters you’ll encounter.  You’ll learn who they are, how they work, and what they want.

Next, we’re going to take you through the entire dealership process.  You’ll meet your salesperson and drive your car…but those are the two easiest parts, right?  Few people have massive anxiety at that point.

So we’re going to go through the numbers, the negotiations, financial considerations, how to keep your eyes open and watch for traps.  Signing a Vehicle Purchase Agreement will potentially commit you to tens of thousands of dollars.  I don’t believe the first time you should see one of those contracts is when you’re all excited about just signing and driving out with the car you just drove…so we’ll get through the paperwork and signing process with examples so you’ll know where to look.

Way to go!  Now you’ve signed all the paperwork and have your keys!  But wait…there’s more.  We’ll take you through that as well.

learn in Car Buyer Class

Just in case you thought it would be easy to learn in Car Buyer Class, we’re also going to quiz you along the way to make sure that the most essential lessons stick.

With knowledge comes confidence, and by the time you’ve completed this entire class, your confidence level will skyrocket.  You’re going to learn things in this course that many salespeople don’t even know.

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