Here’s the script for the “Automotive F&I” video above:

Now you’re getting into the Automotive F&I office affectionately referred to as “the box” in the industry.

Here’s what you’ll learn moving forward.  We’re going to take you through what to expect during this final stage of buying a car.  When you leave this room with paperwork in hand, you will have bought a vehicle.

automotive f&i

We’re going to guide you through what to expect with the office itself and detail the process of paperwork and how it leads you into another negotiation and sales opportunity for the dealer.

We’ll go through most, if not all, of the products that they will offer and teach you where to be the most careful.  There is one particular document that when you sign it, you have bought the car, and so we’ll show you an example of what that looks like.  Then we’ll wrap it up with some final thoughts so that you aren’t surprised by any step of this final paperwork process.

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