Here’s the script for the “Vehicle Delivery Process” video above:

Hands have been shaken, papers have been signed, and documents have been exchanged.  Are you ready to drive home with your car yet?

Here’s what to expect as you work through the vehicle delivery process.

As you emerge from the business office, copies of documents in hand, you’ll likely find your sales associate there ready to go with your keys and potentially your new car packet including the owner’s manual.

Two sets of keys and an owner’s manual are required to be delivered with every new car.

Obviously he or she will be very excited because they get another deal closer to hitting monthly bonuses.

At this point though, you’ll have another 5 to 45 minutes at the dealership, so we’re almost done.  The time is variable because the dealer staff wants to move on with their day and so do you.  The manufacturer would like them to go through a compliant vehicle delivery process though, but in my experience, if you’re ready to take delivery and go, then nobody is going to argue with you as long as you sign off on it.

vehicle delivery process

If you have a trade, make sure that you double check to remove any personal items before the sales rep takes it away.  It is highly unlikely that you’ll ever see your trade again so say your goodbyes…or your good riddances.  We’re moving on to a new chapter in your automotive life.

As you exit the showroom floor, you’ll be led out to a specific area where the vehicle delivery process takes place.  In most dealerships it’s a designated area, usually under a canopy or in some special place where only sold cars will be parked.  We’re going to dig-in to what happens here in the next section.

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