Here’s the script for “The Sales Manager” video above:

Now we’re getting into the people who really make the decisions, and we’re going to start with the Sales Manager.

These are the guys or gals that sit behind a desk in a glass room called “The Tower” that overlooks the sales floor.  You can’t see what their doing, and were you to walk into the tower as a customer…everybody would immediately be quiet.  It can be a fun and very intense place.

The Sales Manager has front-line responsibility for the entire sales team, and in large dealerships, there are multiple “desk” managers.  The salesman will usually start communicating with them after your test drive, and it will be the Sales Manager’s job to either write up or print out the numbers presentation.  After you fill out a credit application, They will work hard to secure financing approvals for you working as brokers on your behalf.  They will also appraise your trade-in to determine how much the dealership will pay for it.  They almost always started as associates on the floor, paid their dues, and demonstrated a high degree of effectiveness over the years.  It’s not a job that you can just walk into right out of college.

Top sales manager at dealership showroom

The sales managers are also there to motivate the entire retail team.  In every dealership I’ve worked, and especially on Saturday mornings, the sales managers will gather the entire team in the tower to get them pumped up for the day and go over the spiffs available.  They will sometimes play music and march around behind the desk reminding everyone that this is your day to make sales…with more sales, you get more money…with more money comes everything else you want in life!

  • Do you want that new Rolex?
  • How about an Armani suit and Gucci shoes?
  • The biggest house on the block and women chasing you everywhere?!?
  • Then sell, Sell, SELL!!!

Sometimes those meetings are a blast, and the sales team leaves feeling like they can take over the world.

Now the sales managers typically work more hours than everyone else at the dealership.  They’re the ones who unlock the doors in the morning and close up once everyone else has left.  Though desk management can be financially rewarding, It is an extremely stressful position, they don’t really get to leave, and almost always eat where they sit.

Sales Managers get paid through the month based on a percentage of the entire retail team’s production and usually the business office as well.  Most are always given a demo vehicle to drive with gas included.  Their sole motivation is to extract as much profit for the dealership from you as possible, at least where the vehicle itself is concerned.

You may or may not get a chance to meet them. It just depends on how active or busy they are.  If it’s a smaller dealership without an assistant sales manager on hand to help them get a preliminary agreement, then it’s very likely that you will meet them.  They are industry experts that excel in sales and negotiations.

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