Here’s the script for the “Pre-Delivery Vehicle Inspection” video above:

Ok, so you’re out in the delivery area looking at what your new car.  I know you’re ready to just hop in and go at this point, but it’s crucial that the vehicle inspection you perform at this point is thorough.

If there is anything cosmetically wrong with your new car and you drive away without a due bill or having it fixed, then you’ll either live with it or come out of pocket yourself to fix it.  If there’s something mechanically wrong that will be covered under warranty, but anything about how the car looks will need to be addressed before you leave.

Remember that a new car will need to be delivered in perfect condition with a full tank of gas or batteries fully charged if electric, so take a very careful look at everything here.

Is it clean?  By clean, I mean spotless.  There should be no dirt, stains, or residue from stickers that were removed.

vehicle inspection

How does the body look?  Are there any dings, knicks, or scratches?  No matter how insignificant it may seem to you now, I promise that you will always notice it when you see the car unless you get it fixed, so take a thorough look everywhere.  Look at it from differing angles and move around.

If you drive that car away without addressing any issues, even if you leave the parking lot and come back, the dealer will no longer be obligated to fix anything because it could’ve been something that occurred after you assumed ownership.

If you’re buying a used car, then you’ll have a slightly different experience at delivery.  From what I’ve seen, it can be uncommon to expect a full tank of gas unless you ask for it specifically during the negotiation phase.  There may be blemishes on the car, and it should be clean, but don’t expect perfection.

The final point of order during your pre-delivery vehicle inspection is to make sure that your car is road legal.  It should, at the least, have a temporary paper registration or license plate on the back valid for a couple of months so that your state’s DMV can get permanent plates out to you.  Also, if your state requires vehicle inspection stickers, make sure that it is valid as well.

There are also some states where the plate goes with the vehicle and not the owner, so if the car is pre-owned, Be sure to keep your paperwork in your car as well until you have a permanent registration just in case you get pulled over for something related to the tag’s previous owners so that you can prove to the officer that you recently purchased it.

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