Here’s the script for “The Business Office Revealed” video above:

Now we’re ready to go.  The Business Manager leads you from the sales floor into what car salesmen refer to as “The Box” – but the dealer would prefer to call it the business office – because mainly it just sounds more inviting but more because now it’s time to get down to business.

It’s a closed room with a locking door because it houses confidential information.  It’s also soundproof to the outside world at normal volumes anyway so that passersby can’t eavesdrop on the discussion.

It will likely be comfortable and well-appointed with nice pictures, business licenses, potentially some awards or industry accolades for the business manager.  You’ll also likely see some pamphlets for back-end products and even some example car parts.  A nice desk and likely multiple monitors will be used to facilitate signing documents.

A trend that I’ve seen lately in a business office is that they will have a large tablet covering most of the desk so that you will sign documents electronically to cut down on the paperwork. However, it’s also still just as likely that there will be an old school dot-matrix printer as well.

Inkjets or Laser printers won’t work here because some of the documents have multiple carbon copies and require a dot-matrix to actually strike the top paper, so impressions follow through to the other pages behind it.

business office

It’s in this business office where the finance manager lives and sometimes eats at the dealership.  It’s their home territory, and everything is laid out the way it is for a reason.  They are set up to inspire confidence that you’re dealing with an accomplished professional as well as to help them to facilitate the sale of back-end products.

While we’re on that topic, though, I’ll just take a sec here to explain back-end vs. front-end in the auto industry.  Front-end products are basically the vehicle itself and anything that you can see or touch.  It was the sales manager’s job to generate as much profit as possible in the front-end of the transaction.  Now that you’re with a finance manager, they are responsible for generating profit in the back-end, which could best be considered as intangible products that you can’t see like warranties.

Hang in there, though. I’ll get more into those products in a later section.

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