Here’s the script for the “Setting Up A Car” video above:

You’ve done a full inspection of the vehicle, and now it’s time to move inside for setting up a car.

This process will either be completed with your sales associate or with a delivery specialist depending on the size of the dealership.  This is also a step where you can take as much or as little time as you choose.  If you already feel comfortable with the controls and technology, then you can just say, “No thanks, I’ve got this.” And be on your way.

With a new car, the manufacturer will lay out a series of steps for the dealer to go through with you during this setting up a car phase.  With a used car, what’s most likely to happen is none of what we’re about to discuss unless you ask for it.  The sales rep will basically just hand you the keys, shake your hand, and walk away.

The following steps may occur in any order, but there are three main components that will happen during the vehicle setup.

The first step is that your phone will be paired with the car.  In the early-2000’s Bluetooth tech really began to take hold and become available in cars as an amazing safety and convenience feature.  By pairing your phone, you’ll be able to communicate hands-free while driving, as well as listen to music stored on your mobile device.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say at this point, every single new car available, even base models will have a Bluetooth connection as standard equipment.

During delivery, this is probably the most important item to setup before driving away.  If someone calls while you’re driving home, you definitely won’t want to be fumbling for your phone while still getting comfortable driving your new car.

setting up a car

The next item to go over when setting up a car will be the infotainment system, if applicable.  Even on a base model, there will be some type of dashboard information display.  It may be a very basic one-color display showing like, what’s playing through your audio source, outside temp, vehicle direction, etc…all the way up to what is becoming far more common, the full touchscreen display.

In the likely scenario that your vehicle is equipped with one of these, you’ll want to make sure you understand how everything works.  You will be able to talk on your phone or send texts, utilize navigation, install apps, update the vehicle software, set up Wi-Fi, control audio sources and climate options, as well as manipulate advanced vehicle settings, and more!

When plugging your phone into the USB port instead of just a charger for power, it’s highly likely that your mobile device will present a new display either through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as long as you have those options enabled both on your phone and in the car.  There can be so many exciting things to do with a touchscreen, especially if it’s your first time.

Make sure that you have a decent understanding of how to navigate the display and options before driving away so that it doesn’t become a distraction for you while you’re on the road.

Finally, with any car, new or used, you will want to understand all of the basic controls before heading out.  Imagine driving your car home, and you can’t figure out the lights while you’re on the highway, and it’s getting dark.  What if it starts to rain hard…you’re fumbling to figure out the wipers and all you did was pop the trunk!  The windows are fogging up, and all you end up doing is changing the radio station.

See how things can get out of hand?  Many aspects of your vehicle lately can be controlled right on your steering wheel!   For your safety, take some time to understand where everything is and how it works before heading out.

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