Here’s the script for the “Preliminary Agreement” video above:

Alright!  We’re closing in on the final stretch now.  Either the sales or assistant manager will come out at this point after your final offer to nail down a preliminary agreement.

The reason we call this stage a preliminary agreement is because you haven’t bought a car yet.  You’re just agreeing in good faith to buy a car at the agreed-upon numbers.

If the sales desk is off from what you want at this point, it’s probably only a few dollars and not a big deal.

If they’re still way off after four rounds of offers, then something is definitely wrong.

Since communication is a two-way street, it’s either your math or expectations are incorrect, or this dealer is too greedy and thinks they can put one over on you.  If you are at an impasse now, it’s time to leave. 

Come back and start working through the Finding and Paying for your Car Course again.  Either we’re on the wrong car for your financial situation or at the wrong dealership.  Whatever you do, don’t agree to something that you either don’t want or can’t afford.  It will be a huge regret and could cause a dire financial situation down the road. 

It’s ok to walk away and start over at this point.  At least you’ve gained valuable experience by getting to this point.  Reach out to us in the Facebook community and let us know what happened so we can help you to be better prepared going forward.

preliminary agreement

However, if they come out and shake on your final offer, then you did it, and if it only took two hours to get to this point, then that’s even better!  There’s still a bit of work to do, though, and depending on how busy they are, you may have another hour or two in front of you.  The heaviest lifting is done, though.

A preliminary agreement at this point means you have a better than 95% chance of driving home with that car.  Let’s see what’s next.

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