Here’s the script for the “Internet Sales Representative” video above:

If you elect to make initial contact with the dealership through an online source, you’re likely to establish immediate contact with an Internet Sales Representative.

I’ve seen this position handled in many different ways.  At a larger dealer, say one with more than 300 cars on the lot, the ISR is usually a part of their own separate department.  They may sell you the car themselves or pass you off to a salesman. You’ll know based on whether or not they hand you off.  In some dealerships, the Internet Sales Representative actually is a general floor sales associate who will receive leads in a pool with the other sales team.

The more effective dealers will have a dedicated department….Why?  Speed to first contact.  Have you ever put your name and phone into a contact form for anything online, like to get your “free quote,” maybe it’s for a car, insurance, or a home loan, and started receiving numerous calls almost immediately?  In those businesses, it’s just like the legendary Al Davis said, “Speed kills, but absolute speed kills absolutely.” While he was talking about football, the same concept applies to marketing.  Statistically, you’re almost twice as likely to convert a lead into a sale if you’re the first to contact them.

internet sales representative

This is especially true when a dealer is sharing a pool of leads with other dealers.  For example, say that you go to an online car site and indicate that you’re looking to buy a new car, but first you want a trade-in value on your car.  They may ask for your contact info to display the quote.  When you release your phone number, they’re going to sell that lead to multiple dealers in your region.  Usually, the first one to get you on the phone will win. That’s why your phone blows up with calls and texts within minutes of releasing your number.  If a sales rep is on a test drive and can’t get to the lead quickly, then a rep at another dealership’s speed will kill their ability to make a sale.

Since we’ll be discussing sales associates in the next section, we’re going to cover an Internet Sales Representative as though they work in a dedicated department.  What motivates your Internet Sales Rep?  Getting the appointment is all that matters for them.  All else fails unless they can get you into the dealership.  You can’t test drive or sign papers until you come in.  They will ask you the question, “When can you come in?” usually within the first 30 seconds of your conversation.  Their pay structure is normally hourly with bonuses based on performance.  That performance typically being, how many bodies do they take from an internet lead to a body standing in the showroom.

Some websites will recommend working this person for numbers and putting everything together before you arrive at the dealership to save time. I’ll tell you right now that strategy won’t work as well as they say it will.  The ISR will say what it takes to get you into the dealership and mark my words, numbers will change once you arrive if it’s not profitable for the dealer.  This is more of an entry-level sales position, and you’re far better off working on a floor salesperson.

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