Here’s the script for the “Infotainment Car System Subscription” video above:

Now that you’ve been engaged through both dealer and manufacturer follow-ups, the next thing that will claim your attention are usually some type of infotainment car system subscription services.

These can be services either from the manufacturer or from third-party vendors that will enhance your vehicle ownership.  I won’t have time to get into all of them for sure, and I’m certainly not aware of what all of them are, but I do know the biggest one, and you will too.

SiriusXM satellite radio service has basically universal availability from every major automaker and will come pre-installed in every new car and most recent used cars.  On a vehicle purchase, you’ll get some type of trial period, and then Sirius will start reaching out to you to keep the subscription going.

They’ll offer all kinds of deals and incentives to maintain your subscription.  Whether you find value there or not is up to you.  All I will suggest is that you read the fine print on any deal they offer you.  Usually, the rate is incredible for a fixed period. Then you’ll be automatically charged their standard rates unless you call and ask for current promotions.

I do enjoy their programming and keep them active in my cars. There’s just a bit of management involved if you want to continue to get their best pricing as opposed to the standard rates.

infotainment car system

Another big thing lately and likely to grow is WI-FI service for your car and using it as a hotspot for other devices while you’re on the road.  Since future technology is always evolving in this space and to keep this lesson more big picture–if this is something you want, you can check with a wireless service provider or your vehicle manufacturer to see what options may be available to you.

Other infotainment car system subscription services are also entertainment-based, while many newer ones can provide even more.

For example, on one of my cars, I have the ability with an app on my phone to see where it is, lock and unlock the doors as well as remote start.

Right now, the service is free for me, and it is common for these types of services to come with new cars, especially those with higher trim levels.

Usually, all of these infotainment car system subscription services will have some type of trial period…just long enough to get you hooked, then it’s on to a subscription.  Just check with your manufacturer or sales associate to learn all of the possibilities for your car.

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