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Buying a car without credit is definitely possible, and we go through exactly how to do that in Car Buyer Class, but it becomes way easier when you learn how to build credit quickly at any age and implement the steps that I’m about to go through.

The first and most powerful technique to build credit quickly will work for any age, whether your fifteen or fifty!  In fact, this is the ONLY way you can build credit if you’re under 18.  You don’t even need a job to make this method work!  And the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll receive all of the benefits!  You just need to know somebody with good credit.  Maybe it’s a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, spouse, friend…anybody!  If your relationship with this person is close enough, you won’t have any problem asking someone if they have good credit.  If they DO have a decent credit score, it’s likely because they’re responsible with credit cards.

You’re going to want to ask this person to make you an “Authorized User” on at least one of their cards. The higher the limit, the better.  They can do it simply by calling the number on the back of their card, and in some cases, they can just do it online.  Now hold on…I know what some of you are thinking already.  This person is going to worry about you running up a bill on their credit card!  Reassure them that you won’t actually have their card as an authorized user.  So they’re not giving you a card or their account number or login for the site or anything!  They’re simply naming you as an authorized user.  I have a friend who did this exact thing for her 16-year-old son a few years ago.  By the time he turned 18, he was finally able to access his credit file and found out that he had a 780 credit score!

build credit quickly

If you don’t do this as a teen, what you’ll find is that you’ll start with what amounts to a default score somewhere around 550.  It will be extremely difficult for you to finance a car with a score like that unless you have a cosigner.  Furthermore, if your score is up above 680, you’ll get approved for any car loan on stated income alone, meaning that you won’t have to prove your job history or provide bank statements to a lender.

Now, if you’re OVER 18, there are a lot more things you can do to build credit quickly, and we’ll go over some of those in the next lesson.


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