Here’s the script for the “Dealer Follow-Ups After Buying A New Car” video above:

You own the car now and drove it home.  The next step you’re likely to encounter as an owner are some dealer follow-ups after buying a new car.

It shouldn’t be too intense, maybe just a phone call or email unless you left the dealership with a we owe.  But I promised to teach you the entire process of buying a car and this is certainly part of it.

Within a day or two after buying a new car and certainly if the vehicle is new, you can expect a phone call from your sales associate.  They’re going to follow-up to make sure you’re satisfied, remind you about the manufacturer survey, and if they’re doing their jobs correctly, will ask if you know anyone else who is interested in buying a car.

follow up after buying a new car

You know, somebody coming in who already expects a pleasant experience because their friend or family member had one.  If you had a great experience with the dealer team and your sales rep, please don’t hesitate to send someone their way as well, it’s a win-win situation.  Some will even offer to pay you a little kick-back for any referrals that result in a deal.

Referrals can mean big business for a sales rep, not only because they’re generating their own business for the dealership, but a referral is also what we consider a “warm” lead. 

If you have a “We Owe” on your car for any reason, don’t forget to use the follow-up as the perfect opportunity to schedule any work on the vehicle.

You’re also now in the dealership’s database after buying a new car so you can expect regular follow-ups at least through email about using their service department for your vehicle. 

Finally, don’t be surprised if you get a call in about 2-3 years from someone on the sales team seeing if you’re still enjoying your purchase, or maybe want to trade it in.

There was one place I worked where when it was slow, we would print a list of everyone who ever bought a car from us more than 2 years ago and would start grinding through the list.   Just like with every other business, by building brand loyalty, dealerships will want to keep you coming back to them for all your car needs as long as possible.

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