Here’s the script for the “Car Dealer Add Ons” video above:

Remember back when we were walking around the car and got to the window sticker?  You may have noticed a supplemental form attached with pricing for car dealer add ons.

Some dealers have them, and some don’t.  It’s a way for them to force up the price and can be a massive profit center for the sales department.

Car dealer add ons can be:

  • Window tint
  • Nitrogen tires
  • Paint and fabric protection
  • Service plans
  • Wheel locks
  • Alarm systems
  • Theft recovery services like Lo-Jack
  • Lift kits for trucks
  • Lighting kits
  • Pin-striping

…and on and on.

Here are my two rules about car dealer add ons, if you can’t see them, they aren’t there, and whatever is there is always way over-priced.

dealer add ons

Here’s my experience with them.  I worked at one dealership that sold a nitrogen tire add for $199…and their nitrogen machine had been broken for over two years.  Many Customers paid two hundred bucks for four green valve stem caps.

One sold paint and fabric protection for $699.  A coat of wax and a $10 spray can of Scotchgard was all that was!  Did they ever even apply them?  I doubt it.

I have never seen a car dealer add on that was worth what they put on the sticker.

I bought a car one time with some stolen vehicle recovery device supposedly pre-installed for $800.  The dealer kept trying to keep it in the price through every round of negotiation.  Every time I said, “Take it out, I don’t want it.”

They even got to the point where they said I would have lower payments if I kept it!

That’s when I knew they were just playing silly games, so I got up to leave, and by the time I got to the door, they agreed to remove it and still reduce my payments.

Here’s the thing, folks.  Dealers won’t advertise their adds online because it will make the price look higher.  Many will actually disclaim it in the small print on their site by saying something like, “Price doesn’t include tax, title, doc fee, dealer prep, dealer add ons, etc.”

So don’t be surprised if you go onto a car lot and see adds or supplemental window stickers.  Just don’t pay for anything you can’t see, because it’s unlikely to be there.  Don’t pay for it if it’s something you don’t want that can be removed.  And seriously don’t pay what they’re asking for anything on the sticker.

You can have amazing professional window tinting done for a couple of hundred bucks, so don’t pay $500 for it!

Just hold your position and say no, finally don’t be afraid to walk away if the dealer is being unreasonable.

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