Here’s the script for the “Arrive At The Dealership” video above:

A franchise car dealership can be an intimidating place to drive into, so let’s discuss what to do when you arrive at the dealership.

Franchise dealers can take up several acres of land, so when you pull in, you’re likely to see a big sign that tells you where to go for new or used car sales, parts, service, or the body shop.  Many dealers have separate sections for new or used cars, so just drive to the appropriate section.  If it’s a new car you want, then it’s fairly obvious to just pull right up to the front of the main building.

Now how most dealers work is that there are usually salespeople either standing there if it’s nice out, or someone will come out to greet you relatively quickly.  It doesn’t always go down that way, but I would expect for someone to say “Hi” and want to shake my hand relatively quickly after exiting my vehicle.

I did work for one place, though, where on a Saturday, it was likely that a salesman was standing outside, pointing to where you should park, and then they would open your car door to let you out!  A bit aggressive for my tastes, but don’t be incredibly surprised if that happens to you.

arrive at the dealership

Once you exit your ride, you just became an “Up.”  I don’t know exactly why a new customer is an Up, but that’s what we call you.  Now it just depends on how you’re feeling at this point if you want to walk the lot or engage a salesperson immediately for assistance.  You should be prepared before you arrive at the dealership, though, by knowing which car you want to see, and you should print out the listing before you go with the “internet price” on it.


I have literally seen sales managers change the internet price on the website when a customer mentioned they were looking at it…especially if the dealer knew when they posted, if it actually sold at that price, they would be taking a bath on it.  Amateurs show up on the lot, not knowing what they want or how much it costs.  You’re learning here how to buy like a professional.  I promise that if you arrive at the dealership unprepared and without a target car, the dealer will put you on something that works best for them.

I don’t particularly enjoy wasting my time, so will usually engage a sales rep quickly.  If one isn’t hungry enough to come out and meet me, I’ll go inside and straight to the receptionist.  Oddly enough, one of my favorite parts of buying a car is walking in, meeting the receptionist first, and asking, “Who is your favorite salesperson?  Because they’re going to sell a car to me today.”  It just amuses me to see how flustered they get with that question because they’ve probably never heard it before.

Look, folks, this transaction is going to take long enough.  In Steven Covey’s book, the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, Habit 1 is to be proactive, and Habit 2 is, to begin with, the end in mind.  So let’s do both at once!  If a sales rep doesn’t find you, then you proactively find them, because in the end, you’re going to buy a car and you can’t do it without them in the beginning.

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