Here’s the script for the “Accepting Vehicle Delivery” video above:

Do you know what’s about to happen?  You’ve bought a car!  After hours and hours and hours of research, driving, negotiating, handshaking, waiting, signing, and inspecting, once you’re done accepting vehicle delivery, then you’ve made a financial commitment to keeping this car, at least for a period of time.

If this is a new or manufacturer certified pre-owned car, then two things will happen.  First, you’ll sign a checklist indicating at a minimum that you’ve gone over the vehicle inside and out with it being in a condition acceptable to you.  Once you sign this document and drive away, unless you have a due bill or we owe, then any cosmetic damage found after accepting vehicle delivery will be your responsibility and not the dealer.

accepting vehicle delivery

Next, your sales associate or delivery specialist will go over the manufacturer survey.  The highest possible marks are critical to them not only receiving bonuses but to even maintain the ability to sell new cars.  They will bring up the impending survey and ask you something to the effect of,

“Is there any reason you wouldn’t give me five stars based on the service you received from me.”

If you have any problems or concerns of any kind in accepting vehicle delivery, this is your final chance to allow the dealer to address them.  A dealer will spend more money to avoid a bad survey.  Obviously, please don’t use this as an opportunity to try and soak the dealer, but if you do have any legitimate concerns, please at least allow the dealer to make them right before blowing them up on a survey

Your final step is driving away!  Now the car is yours once you “Accept Delivery,” and any returns are impossible unless there is a cooling-off period allowed in your contract or by state law. 

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