best car blogs

Whether you are an auto enthusiast, automotive mechanic, or dealership manager, you want access to the best car blogs to keep up with the industry.

With so many people blogging, it’s tough to decide what sites are worth your time.

We spent the time doing the research for you and have ten of the best car blogs that provide the information you need.

1. Auto Blog

Auto Blog highlights the top news stories within the automotive industry. Many of the articles focus on new vehicles and reviews. It’s a helpful site if you are looking to buy a new vehicle and want to understand your options.

2. The Truth About Cars

The Truth About Cars has one of the best car blogs, showcasing news, and offering forums related to the industry. You can also find reviews on the latest vehicles and tools, plus some tips that keep your car running its best. You might prefer listening to some of the podcasts that are available.

3. Green Car Reports

Do you want the latest news about environmentally friendly cars? Green Car Reports is the spot for you. Evaluate some of the latest automobile technology gadgets and improve your fuel economy with these reports.

4. Car and Driver

Everyone knows that a trusted automotive publication is Car and Driver. The company provides car reviews, driving tests, and in-depth comparisons. You can also find some buyers guides that save you even more.

best car blogs

5. Automotive Addicts

Automotive Addicts has been around since 2004. It’s a site designed with the automotive enthusiast in mind. On this site, you can find test drives, reviews, and information to make your next transaction a breeze.

6. The Weekly Driver

You can find additional podcasts, reviews, and videos from The Weekly Driver. This blog has been around since 2003 and is now one of the top places to visit.

7. Motor Trend

Find the top reviews and comparisons from Motor Trend. The publication is known for picking the best vehicles each year, allowing you to choose a top option in any segment.

8. The Humble Mechanic

If you are facing mechanical issues with your vehicle, try out The Humble Mechanic. This site provides maintenance tips, tool reviews, and helpful podcasts so that you are never left stranded.

9. All About Automotive Blog

Do you have questions about the maintenance of your vehicle? Try finding the answers on the All About Automotive Blog. This site talks about vehicle maintenance in simple terms so that anyone can understand.

10. Midwest Performance Cars

For information on vehicles from a variety of model years, head to Midwest Performance Cars. This site shows you how to get the most out of any car.

What are the Best Car Blogs?

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