The group guidelines and expectations are for the benefit of the group as a whole and have been shaped from ongoing feedback from the Car Buyer Class Group members and from best practices in similar successful and lasting educational communities. We strive to develop the absolute best learning and supportive environment for the group members, and we appreciate and encourage your participation! By accepting the invitation to the Car Buyer Class group, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to all the following expectations and guidelines.

 Group Guidelines & Expectations

1.  Community

The Car Buyer Class Facebook Group is the only official group supported and managed by Car Buyer Class, LLC (hereinafter “CBC”). This community is CBC’s exclusive group available by invitation to students only. This group was created for students to connect, have positive interactions with one another about their education, and share personal growth stories.

We encourage you to use the group as a platform to share your growth, ask questions to enhance your knowledge, and show us the cars you have bought.

Questions regarding , any related services, and/or feedback on any related services should be emailed to Support at

2. Marketing, Promotions & List Building

The group is not a platform to be used as a marketing tool for list building or to pull contacts outside of the group for your own promotional or marketing purposes. Posting affiliate links, adding your email to threads, selling, and solicitations are strictly prohibited and enforced – this includes collecting contact information and emailing members directly to offer products and/or services. Further, members are prohibited from offering something free to list build and collect contact information for marketing purposes. IMPORTANT: We take data protection and privacy of our group very seriously. The prohibitions referenced within this paragraph are for the benefit of the group and to prevent spamming and unwanted solicitation. These prohibitions apply regardless of whether the contact or solicitation is made through text, image or video posts or live feeds. In the event of a violation, Car Buyer Class reserves the right to remove any posts and suspend or revoke group access to the responsible member without prior notice or consent.

These guidelines and expectations are intended to prevent the spamming nature of promotional posts and are based on the feedback and numerous requests from members within the group.

3. Group Content, Moderation & Member Disputes

Although CBC moderates the group, we are not able to review and approve or otherwise verify all the content that is posted by the members of the group. By accessing, viewing, or using the group, you are acknowledging and agreeing that the information offered by other members is presented as-is and CBC disclaims all warranties.

You are ultimately responsible for any advice that you act upon from the group or any transaction, business relationship or vendor relationship that you enter into.

In an event a dispute arises between group members, CBC reserves the right for both members to be removed from the group until the dispute is resolved. In no event will CBC act as an intermediary and we encourage you to communicate and work directly to resolve such disputes.

4. Participation & Use

At CBC we continually strive to create a supportive and inclusive group. Use your best judgment in only posting material that is appropriate and respectful.

  • Use appropriate language – no profanity or vulgarity
  • No labeling, slurs, judging, blaming, unkind criticism, threatening
  • No harassment
  • No off-color jokes or insensitive humor

The group is NOT a place to voice political or religious views. We respect your beliefs and opinions, but our goal is to embrace all members of the group.

CBC reserves the right to remove any posts that are inappropriate or in violation of the guidelines and revoke access from the group without prior notice or consent.

5. Group Formation; Representation

Group access is a privilege and CBC reserves the right to remove any member’s access for the benefit of the group. By accepting the invitation to the group you are acknowledging that you understand and consent to all of the above expectations and guidelines. Further, you understand that CBC reserves the right to amend the expectations and guidelines at any time by posting an updated version and you should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then-current rules. If, at any time, you do not wish to accept the expectations and guidelines, you must cease using the CBC FB Group.

We appreciate, encourage and look forward to your participation!

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