car tire maintenance

Imagine you are driving at a speed of 100 MPH.

It feels good to put down the convertible’s top and enjoy the wind in your hair.

Suddenly you hear a pop and your car automatically starts to lose its speed.

Before you know it, the vehicle makes a sharp swerve, and you try to turn the steering wheel to stop the car.

You press the brakes hard, and the car comes to a screeching stop.

You smell the scent of burnt tires, and you step out to check the tires.

The bottom of the right tire is blown to smithereens, and you can see the fibers sticking out.

It’s an awful sight.

Are you wondering why we are telling this story? Well, this could be your story if you don’t regularly perform car tire maintenance. Have you ever given any thought to how essential the car tires are? Even a small problem with them can endanger you. After all, they are the one thing between the road and your vehicle. Here are three ways you can prevent your tires from blowing out.

1.     Check Tire Pressure Every Month

Tires are at their best when they have the proper amount of air pressure. You can feel the car as light as air and enjoy a smooth drive. If you drive your car daily, then you probably know what we are talking about. By maintaining the tire’s pressure, you will find that your vehicle is stable and easy to handle. Low pressure is what causes a hydroplaning situation, which can have deadly results.

Think of the air pressure in your car’s tire as engine oil. It’s always too late when you find out, and by that time, the damage has already been done. To make sure there is adequate air pressure in your car tires, get them checked at least once a month. Car tires lose about 1 to 2 psi every month. A low-pressure tire makes it difficult for you to control the car and can result in a blow-out.

car tire maintenance

2.     Proper Car Tire Maintenance Requires Rotations

Did you know that the back tires are the ones that allow you to control your car in an accident? This is why most mechanics recommend that a blown-out tire that has been fitted with a patch should be in the front. However, this doesn’t mean that you leave the tires in their place forever.

The front tires take the brunt of the driving, which is why you should rotate the tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. This way, you will achieve equal wear and tear on all four tires. This car tire maintenance tip will also help you increase the mileage, as well as the car’s performance. If the tires are not rotated, the front tires start wearing out and the back tires develop tread wear patterns. This is one reason why you feel an energetic vibration when your car hits a pothole.

3.     Do a Visual Inspection

When your car hits a pothole, the first thing you should do when you get back home is to inspect the tires. Cuts, bulges, and other similar damages can weaken the tube or outer surface of the tire. This weakening is what leads to a blow-out. If you don’t see any visible damage, then check the tire’s pressure. These three essential car tire maintenance tips can save you from an unforeseen accident. It’s vital to get the tires fully inspected after every year. Usually, the life of tires is six years, but most people try to extend it to ten years. By getting the tires checked regularly, you will know whether or not you need a replacement.

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