YouTube Car Reviews

Watching YouTube car reviews can be a huge help when looking for a new car.

First of all, they save you a trip to the dealership.

If you watched a car review and realized during the video you hate everything about the car, are you still going to go look at it?

I would assume not; you would move on to the next option.

There are many YouTubers who are willing to go review cars of all sorts for many reasons. So what exactly do you look for in a YouTube video for a potential vehicle?

The most significant factor should be, “Can my body style fit comfortably?”

You don’t want to be a six-foot guy weighing in at 245 lbs. And watching a review from a guy who is five feet tall and 145 lbs.  Of course he is going to fit in the new Supra, you might not.  So you want to find a reviewer who has a similar body composition so you can relate.

Daily Drivability

The next key factor is everyday drivability of the car; now, this covers way more than just how fast it is, and how it looks. This includes how comfortable the car is for everyday life. Some vehicles are a beast in terms of looks and pure power. However, they suck for road use, for example, the Camaro ZL1 1LE.

A good YouTube reviewer will go in-depth about all of these things. They will go from one end of how comfortable the car is to the other end of whether or not it’s fun or practical.


YouTube Car Reviews

Many YouTube reviewers do a good job reviewing cars, but there are some that are paid by the dealership or manufacturer to promote that car. So, in this case, is it a trustworthy review? If they have nothing but great things to say about the car, it makes you wonder. At that point, it comes down to how you view the car, most people who buy a car love 90% of their car.

There is always something that we don’t like about it, whether that is the interior, the gearbox, the car’s a little under-powered, or the visibility sucks. The perfect car doesn’t exist, so if these reviewers are promoting a specific car as the “perfect car,” do you trust them?

Who provides reliable YouTube Car Reviews?

This section is in no particular order as you may not connect to the first two, but the third you connect with, and that’s who you decide to watch.

Doug DeMuro

The first reviewer is Doug DeMuro. Once you visit Doug’s YouTube account, the first thing you’ll see is that he has over 3.5 million subscribers, and his videos have been watched over a BILLION times!

Doug reviews everything from daily drivers up to supercars, so if you are undecided about what you want, he may be able to help. At the end of Doug’s reviews, he gives each car a Doug score. The main scoring categories add up to the vehicle’s best fit as a weekend car and/or daily, so it really helps you to breakdown the best car for your needs.


AutoVlog started by working and reviewing Ford cars. When visiting the AutoVlog Channel, you’ll see Michael has well over half a million subscribers and more than 150M views. He reviews daily driver friendly cars up to supercars.

He also incorporates a lot of his cars into his channel, so he goes for the car shopping crowd and the lifestyle crowd who enjoys his collection of cars and content. AutoVlog does not use a score basis, but he does give his honest opinion of each car he reviews.


Next up on the list is Savagegeese. Upon visiting his channel, you’ll see Mark has over 366 thousand subscribers, and his videos have been watched over 66M times. Now Savagegeese has beautifully produced videos that can certainly be a joy to watch.

Out of all the YouTubers listed here, Savagegeese is probably more organized in how he reviews cars. He goes over the exterior all at once, the interior, and so on. One thing that sets him apart is he takes most of the cars he reviews to his friend’s garage and lifts them so you can see under the car.

Tall Guy Car Reviews

Clocking in at over 750k subscribers and well over 100M views, Tall Guy Car Reviews is absolutely amazing content for tall people as he is 6’10.  You’ll find that Corey is very entertaining and has so much fun doing his reviews.  A hilarious part of any of his videos is watching someone so tall climb into a tiny sportscar…of course, he’ll tell you the hardest part is getting out!

Other notable YouTube car reviews channels

The reviewers listed here are still good to watch, but they lack in other areas we will give a short description of where they are lacking.

  • TheStraightPipes: Two guys in Canada that make great content, most cars tend to be on the pricier side, though.
  • Carwow: Fully professional channel, with over a billion views, just not US-based, so some vehicles we may never see in the states.
  • MotorTrend Channel: They are a legendary automotive publication in the US who published their first issue 70 years ago.  They produce another fully professional channel with over a billion views, and they appeal more to the performance crowd with their videos.

The Bottom Line

No matter what we think or say about a specific YouTuber, you might feel the opposite, and that’s great, that means you made a connection and can relate to an individual reviewer. The power of YouTube car reviews has helped many people, no they might not have picked up a car from that specific dealership the reviewer was at, but they might have sold a viewer on that car. There have been many cases where a reviewer showed a very specific car, and a viewer flew out to that location and bought that specific vehicle.

YouTube car reviews changed the market for both consumers and dealerships. The dealerships are getting free advertising for their automobiles, which is excellent for them. Dealerships like to advertise their popular vehicles, so when a reviewer comes in to review a lower-end car, that is an easy yes for them.

On the other hand, this works out for us as we can see and, in a way, virtually experience the car before we leave our house. If you don’t like a car for several reasons, you aren’t going to look at it, and you’ll find one that you do like to go look at that option.

As always, if you’re stopping by for the first time, go check out the other articles posted on the site and let us know what you think. If you’re a dedicated follower of the site, we greatly appreciate your continued support to help us get to where we are today. If you like the article and site, do us a favor and tell a friend.

The larger we grow, the more and more content we can keep producing for your reading entertainment. If you have a favorite YouTube car reviewer that you follow, let us and everyone else know in the comments below. The more there are, the more choices everyone can enjoy.

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