future automobile technology

High-tech innovations continue to change at incredible rates.

Not only does this technology continue to infiltrate our homes and workplace, but it has also taken over our vehicles.

Here are ten of the top future automobile technology inventions and one is available right now.

1. AR Dashboards

BMW and other high-end manufacturers already have a basic AR dashboard included in some models, but these systems are about to become more advanced.

Augmented reality dashboards allow a hologram to be displayed on the windshield, which ensures the driver’s eyes remain on the road. Future AR dashboards will be able to display maps, tools, music, and more.

2. Smart Headlights

Not only will smart headlights make any vehicle look cooler, but the system also creates more safety. Smart headlights turn off the high beams automatically, but it goes a step beyond. In fact, the updated technology will shade the part of the headlight that shines into oncoming traffic. This design allows you to have maximum visibility without blinding oncoming traffic.

3. V2V Communication

Our future cars will communicate with other vehicles on the road. V2V or vehicle-to-vehicle communication aims to create a safer road space. Once the system infrastructure is in place, there should be fewer accidents. Additionally, you can avoid minor inconveniences.

4. Front-View Cameras

Cars produced since 2014 come with a rearview camera. In addition, some newer models include the surround-view from the top, but what about seeing what’s in front of the vehicle? With the front view camera, you get the future automobile technology you need.

Automakers will include cameras at the front of the vehicle that offers a view of cars, street signs, and pedestrians. This information can also work with advanced safety systems to keep you even safer. With this new software, your vehicle will know when to brake and what the speed limits are.

5. Night Vision Capabilities

While discussing visibility, consider the benefit of night vision. We all worry about hitting something at night that we can’t see, but this will no longer be an issue.

Acura was the first automaker to present night vision solutions, and that was twenty years ago. Since then, automotive tech has come a long way. When night-vision systems are included with vehicles, you will be able to see hazards, people, and animals, even at night.

Do You Want One?

6. Energy Storing Body Panels

In a recent ExxonMobil report, the company suggests that by 2040 nearly half of all automobiles will be hybrid or electric. While this is great for our environment, people worry about keeping the batteries charged. That’s why engineers have constructed a new body panel design for these vehicles. With this automotive technology, batteries are charged faster, while offering several other benefits.

7. Level 4 Autonomy

Autonomous cars have received a lot of bad press over the years, but the future is here. A Level 4 vehicle is one that will drive itself most of the time, without any input from the operator. You could essentially sleep on your way to work.

8. Micromobility

Urban mobility has exploded between the use of electric scooters and new e-bikes. Micromobility, meaning travel of fewer than 15 miles, will only continue to get larger, which will require even more vehicles. Thankfully, automakers are hard at work, especially with Toyota working on the iRoad concept, which incorporates autonomous micromobility. What a better way to eliminate congestion in metropolitan areas.

9. Fully-Active Suspension

While you are driving your autonomous vehicle, you will want some future automobile technology that makes the ride smoother. Companies such as ClearMotion have been working on a fully-active suspension that solves the issue. This manufacturer was born from the speaker company Bose.

The principle behind the technology is referred to as the “skyhook theorem.” The fully active suspension relies on linear actuators, instead of just using the dampers and springs.

10. Mobile Payment Systems

Future automobile technology needs to make life easier, and that’s what Visa and SiriusXM hope to do. Use your vehicle to perform in-dash ordering and automated payment. This system works for parking, tolls, fuel, and food. While other companies have been working on this technology, such as GM, these functions require the use of your phone.

Future Automobile Technology Changes Everything

Future Automobile Technology

From the automotive engine technology we plan to see in the future to the latest in-cabin gadgets, the way we look at vehicles is changing. Thankfully, the new automotive tech is poised to make life safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

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