What Separates Confident Car Buyers From Those Who Get Ripped Off?

Discover How You Can Experience The Pride And Freedom Of Buying Your Own Car

Because Car Dealers Are Sketchy, You Need A Logical Approach

Don't Go To A Dealership Until You Watch This

How Car Buyer Class Works

The 4 Steps To Getting The Best Deal On Your Independence

How To Build Credit Quickly To Buy A Car

Step 1: Solve The Biggest Problem

The first course will teach you how to quickly remove credit from being a barrier in your life at any age. If this doesn’t apply to you, go right to Step 2.

Improve Your Credit Score to buy a car

How To Build Credit Quickly To Buy A Car

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Step 2: Get Prepared For The Dealer

We’re going to help you find the right car, in the right place, and show you how best to pay for it.


Let's Get Started

Car Buyer Class Pro

Step 3: Advanced Negotiations

Discover ALL of the industry tricks and make paperwork a breeze so that you never get screwed-over in a car deal.

Advanced Negotiations

Car Buyer Class Pro

You Bought A Car!

Step 4: Vehicle Ownership

Save the most money on car insurance, understand vehicle maintenance, and get the most out of any subscriptions.

Car Buyer Class

You Bought A Car!

Discover why people love Car Buyer Class...


I just graduated high school and needed a car to get to work so I could stop paying for Uber rides or asking my sister for help.  Car Buyer Class gave me the confidence and insight I needed to buy a brand new car without my parents help even though I was just starting to build credit!  Thanks, Bob.


My husband always took care of buying our cars.  Since our divorce though, I’ve had to do a lot more on my own.  I’m so happy that I found Car Buyer Class!  It was so easy and everything just made sense.  I really feel like this will save me a ton of money for the rest of my life.

Patricia L.

Birmingham, AL


Your course is really clear and makes it so easy to learn.  I wanted to lease a car and you were right about everything they would say to try and get more money out of me.  For real, I walked out with a payment even lower than I thought it would be!  Everyone should learn how to buy a car from you.

Aaron B.

Memphis, TN

Get The Magical "Keys" For Building Credit Quickly To Buy Your Car!

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