Car Buyer Class is on a Mission to Change the Way People Buy Cars

Discover How To Buy A Car Without Ever Getting Ripped-Off By A Dealership Again

Why Us?

This is the only centralized professional online school dedicated to educating our students on the entire process of buying or leasing any new or used vehicle.

It’s like Harvard for Car Shoppers!

Did I mention yet that all Courses are free? No registration required.

car buyer class instructor

Best Instructor

Taught by a former Auto Finance and Sales Manager for huge dealers who started in the industry over 20 years ago.

Engaging Video Lessons

Professionally produced videos with the latest adult education techniques used so that you remember what you learn.

Study Real Life Contracts

Download, learn, and study actual automotive contracts so you aren't confused when you sign your own.

Streamline Auto Finance

No more frustrations or surprises in the finance office. Learn how to get the best possible interest rates and avoid scams.

Speed Up The Whole Process

Learn a proven and repeatable system that can save you months of research and days of aggravation.

Negotiate Like A Pro

It won't matter to you anymore if the sales team is lying to you because you will already know the truth.

Prepare You For Your Trip

Know everything you will need to bring with you and how to setup your schedule for a fast and seamless purchase.

Shop For The Right Vehicle

Find the perfect car for you and your current situation before even contacting a dealer. Now you're in the driver's seat!

Understand Vehicle Pricing

We're going to lift the veil on automotive industry pricing. You will always know how to determine accurate prices for any car.

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